Language Learning

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RedNova Learning is one piece of a much bigger publishing picture. Together with Macmillan Education, Palgrave Macmillan, Nature Publishing Group, and Springer Science+Business Media, we are part of Springer Nature, a major new force in scientific, scholarly, professional, and educational publishing.

Macmillan Education is a global education company, and it is itself made up of three different but important strands: Language Learning, Schools Curriculum, and Higher Education.

RedNova Learning, within the Language Learning division, is dedicated to publishing materials for teaching and learning American English as a foreign language (EFL). EFL is used in nonnative English-speaking countries for nonnative English speakers.

Students in EFL classrooms usually share a common language and culture. Their teacher may be the only English speaker with whom students communicate, which often limits their use and practice of the language to the classroom. Because these students’ exposure to the English language is frequently limited to the classroom or an after-school activity, EFL students need resources that motivate them to practice the language both in and out of the classroom.

Our materials are used in preschool through secondary schools in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Students are able to succeed in their language-learning journey with a blend of traditional print and multimedia resources.